1) How do I get a mechanics on the platform
Ans: Simply search for mechanics closet to you on the website or the app and the e-mechanic will search for the closest mechanics to your location which you can then call.

2) How does e-mechanic Know my location
Ans: The App works with the Google Location feature on your device and then uses that to search for a mechanic closest to you.

3) Why should I be a user on the App:
Ans: For the e-mechanics app to work optimally in providing value you need to sign up as a user. You won’t be able to access most of the app features if you are not users.

4) Are all mechanics really verified.
Ans: No mechanics in the e-mechanic platform is not verified. We ensure we vet every mechanics before they are approved.
5) How do I pay a mechanics for their service on the platform?
Ans: You make payment to the mechanic directly.

6) How does Engine secure work?

Ans: Engine secure is subscription based where you insure your engine in the case it goes bad. We change it for you. We will however assess your engine before we accept it on the program.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiry, complaint or request. We are available 24/7 just for you.
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